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The K.O.M Space saver spare wheel and tyre kit is not guaranteed to fit in the boot well.

This is due to the undersized wheel well itself or the well containing other equipment for example Base boxes etc…

Manufactures may in some case supply an undersized wheel and tyre that will fit in the boot, but this can be 5” smaller then your existing wheel in our eyes this is not right.

Been a tyre retailer and see vehicles on a day to day basis coming through our doors with their Space saver wheels fitted, some which just look dangerous due to them been lopped side in one corner and has low as 4-5”, the wheel and tyre were supplying is the narrow skinny wheel fitted with a narrow skinny tyre but the rolling radius “hight” is the same as your existing tyre or with in the 2.5% allowance, this will have a minimum effect on handling and driving compared to the undersized / universal options on the market today.

The main purpose of our K.O.M Space saver wheel and tyre kit is to offer confidence when and if this is used. If the wheel doesn’t fit in the wheel well then is this the end of the world? I think not I would rather have a wheel which fits my car correctly and have no downsides or worries.

Example of how the K.O.M space saver spare wheel and tyre kit compares to OE tyre size 225/45R17

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