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All about what you get with the K.O.M space saver wheel & tyre kit

The wheel

First of all, let us start with the aluminium wheel. We searched for an aluminium wheel this was because of incorrect and limited fitments of the steel wheel counterpart meaning due to the limited space on the inside of the wheel these would not fit cars with the bigger brake callipers with the likes of BMW M-sport having the blue and sometimes orange callipers our 18" wheel kit will fit these perfectly the same goes for the Mercedes AMG range including the C63 AMG. I use these as examples as these have some of the biggest callipers out there on the more mainstream performance cars. 


Another big plus of the using aluminium wheel is we can have the offset and centre bores machined out to suite almost all makes and models out there, a good example of this was in April this year we were contacted by a member of the Ford Mustang owners club asking if had a wheel that would fit the answer was no! As we don't like to say no we had a wheel machined to the specs of the Mustang Ecoboost and fitted it with a 135/80r18 Uniroyal tyre and it fitted perfectly. We now have an 18" space saver kit for the 2018> Ford Mustang Ecoboost.

The wheel is a seven spoke design finished in satin black, with a load rating of 750-kgs which is strong enough for most vehicles out there. 


The Tyres

The tyres were a tricky one to start with strange as were Tyremen, the was tricky due to the choice cheap economy tyres or premium safe tyres which will ensure strength and durability -obviously this had to be premium. Not only this looking at the cheaper ling long tyres which seem to be the choice of the Europeans these feel very weak and cheap were the Continental and Uniroyal spaces saver tyres feel strong and robust, and let’s face it Continental is one of the best if not the best premium brand out there. From a personal view and having driven on a few space saver wheels my main concern would be safety all the way. 


We offer three conversion sizes in the Uniroyal UST 17 

125/80R17 Uniroyal UST 17

135/80R18 Uniroyal UST 17

145/70R17 Uniroyal UST 17

Continental, we offer five conversion sizes in the CST 17















                                                                                                                      Continental CST 17                                  Uniroyal UST 17



Although we have opted for the Premium tyres, price remain very competitive.




The Accessory 

All K.O.M kits come with everything needed for the user to change the wheel properly and safely.




Scissor jack


1.5 or a 2 tonne Scissor jack, the brand of jack was important also as these needs to big strong and stable, we have sampled a few Jack only to find they were not up to the job. We have since settled on a TUV Alca brand jack made by Heyner in Germany and the difference in quality is plain to see.



Wheel Brace or Wrench

We started the K.O.M life of with a short stubby wheel wrench much like the OE wrench you use to get, but quickly realizing these were just not long enough to get the right purchase on the nut/bolts to get the wheel of. We now supply all kit with a telescopic multi wrench this will offer enough leverage to crack of the tightest of nuts/bolts. 





Storage Bag

Why do we offer a storage bag? This is simply due to manufacture not only leaving the wheel kit out they have on some car replaced this with a music base box, and in some case the wheel well has shank making it not possible to place a wheel in there at all. So, the bags are supplied as a protection to the boot carpet if this is where it's needed to be stored.


As you can see, we have gone to all extents to offer the safest kit we possibly can, with a premium wheel, Tyres & accessories. All over seen by our team of wheel experts here at  HQ.

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